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Mapping USA 2024 Conference Recap

Join us as the BetaNYC Civic Innovation Fellowship team share our recap on the Mapping USA 2024 conference!

Introducing BetaNYC’s New Lab Associate

We are thrilled to continue fostering the next generation of civic leaders through our Apprenticeship Program. Associates within BetaNYC’s Apprenticeship Program are typically early career individuals who are interested in gaining experience in public interest technology. As integral staff members of BetaNYC’s team, the Associates help run BetaNYC’s Civic Innovation Fellowship programs, manage communications for […]

The_Message: January 2024

Happy State and Municipal budget season!

And a happy New Year, everyone! We hope your year has gotten off to a good start and you had a serviceful Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. 2023 was an active year for us, and we have some exciting events to kick off 2024.

BetaNYC and Right to Counsel Coalition Launch New Website Visualizing Statewide Support for Legislation

BetaNYC and Right to Counsel are excited to announce the launch of a new website that visualizes the support for these three pieces of legislation from both grassroots and elected leadership: Statewide Support for Housing Courts Must Change! Campaign: The website allows viewers to: Visualize the districts of state legislators, including the counties and zip codes their districts cover; learn which pieces of legislation on the HCMC platform they support; and contact their legislators to advocate for the legislation. 

Visualize where Right to Counsel member and endorser organizations are located throughout the state; see which legislation they support; and get in touch with them.

BetaNYC staff and Civic Innovation Fellows stand alongside each other at the Fund for the City of New York's presentation.

The_Message: December 2023

Happy December and the end of the calendar year! 2023 has been adventurous — we kicked off the year with a larger Open Data Week and School of Data. We welcomed several new cohorts of Civic Innovation Fellows, expanded our digital services lab, and recruited more Open Data Ambassadors. To close our year, we’re seeking […]

Through a Fellowship Associate’s Eyes: What PyData NYC Brings to Data Science in 2023

Journey with our BetaNYC Fellowship Associate as she recounts her time and takeaways from the PyData NYC 2023 Conference.