About betaNYC

BetaNYC is building a better tomorrow for all.

We are NYC’s civic technology and open government vanguard. Since 2009, we have been leading elected officials to engage NYC’s technology community, helping pass transformative open government legislation, and supporting NYC’s civic oriented startups. We are America’s largest civic technology and open government community.

  • We focus on civic engagement through technology, and advocate for open and accountable governments.
  • We are a multi-stakeholder community of pioneers, entrepreneurs, builders, and doers.
  • We are building a better City by solving 21st Century civic problems.
  • We represent Code for America’s NYC brigade.

We use meetup.com/BetaNYC as our membership space. On Meetup, you can sign up to receive announcements about events or join in our discussions.


For a healthy and sustainable New York City, we have updated FDR’s four freedoms for the 21st Century.

  1. Freedom to connect.
  2. Freedom to learn.
  3. Freedom to collaborate.
  4. Freedom to innovate.


  • Brigade:
    • The Brigade is our most valuable program. The Brigade is where NYC’s civic technology community comes together to build solutions to the city’s problems. We are Code for America’s NYC brigade and inaugural members of NYC’s CodeCorp.
  • BetaTalks, CivicHackNights, and Gov Geek Drinks:
    • We take an active approach to community building. You can find us hosting weekly hack nights, monthly report backs, or kicking back networking the City’s leading technologists.
  • Open Government Advocacy & Campaigns:
    • As internal and external advocates for a more effective government, we are are incrementally improving government through changes in policy, the creation of new legislation, and fighting for the future.
  • Unconferences & Hackathons:
    • Our signature event is an annual event bringing together all elements of NYC’s civic technology and open government community. We believe there is only one way to build the future, by building it collectively.