Help use open data and maps to improve the safety of NYC

If you like Open Data, Public Safety, and Safer Streets, NYC NEEDS YOUR HELP!

FIRST, the NY City Council will have a hearing on improving the NYPD’s release of crime and crash data. This past spring, the Council passed a law mandating the creation of a crime map to force NYPD to produce useable public safety data. In the law, they left out crashes – that unfortunate moment when a moving wheeled object collides with another wheeled object or an object with feet / paws. To fix this error, Council Member Lappin has introduced Intro 1163-2013.

THIS BILL WOULD OPEN NYPD’S CRASH AND CRIME DATA AND GIVE NEW YORKERS THE POWER TO MAKE SAFER DECISIONS. The bill, as introduced, has a few shortcomings. We are collecting your ideas on how to improve the bill. < >

SECOND, we are looking for the best practices in Crime and Crash data maps. If you know of a badass crime or crash map, we need your help to document it. Head over to < > and help us show how crash and crime maps should be build.

THIRD, NYC has released its final plans to release NYC’s data. Already NYC has released more data sets than any other city. Sadly, like the crime and crash data above, it is not all the data we know the city can release. If you know of a dataset that is not listed in the city data portal nor in the city’s open data plan, TELL US!!! Toward the end of October, the NYC Transparency Working Group will be going back to the City Council and ask for MOAR!

Suggest a dataset here < >.