Veteran’s Day Weekend update

There are FOUR things you should note for this Veteran’s Day weekend.
-=-=- First -=-=-
Code for America / BetaNYC has been asked to play a very special part in a very special event in the lead up to very special event on 1 Jan… 😉 To strengthen our narrative, we are running a BetaNYC Sentiment Survey. < >.
We need to know “who" is BetaNYC and what have we accomplished. At the end of survey is a place to list your projects, code base, etc. We will turn this around to be document saying “BetaNYC is…” “and we have done…”
Please fill out the BetaNYC Sentiment Survey. < >. SUPER IMPORTANT!!
-=-=- Second -=-=- 
URGENT – The UN and the Philippines need your help. From the safety of your home, you can help tag crisis-related tweets.
-=-=- Third -=-=- 
There is a global hackathon in memory of Aaron Swartz. It starts tonight and ends on Saturday.
-=-=- Fourth -=-=- 
WE have THREE, AWESOME upcoming BetaNYC events…