A collection of NYC’s City-Wide GIS Maps

This is to a collection of official NYC maps. These maps are created by the NYC’s City-wide GIS department. They have a blog, a user guide, and a “Missing Manual.”

All of these maps grow from a central map, NYC Map. In general, these maps are updated frequently and the base tool is under constant improvement.

Official NYC Maps

  • ZoLa Zoning and Landuse – ZoLa (the Zoning and Land Use Application) is the Department of City Planning’s (DCP) web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application that provides the public with up-to-date zoning and related information for New York City. ZoLa is a collaboration between the departments of City Planning and Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • NYC Hurricane Evacuation
  • DOT Map – Collection of Department of Transportation’s facets.
  • Plow Tracking – PlowNYC was created to allow the public to track the progress of DSNY snow clearing operations throughout the five boroughs. DSNY issues a Snow Alert, generally 24 hours in advance, to advise the public of the possibility of frozen precipitation. DSNY personnel begin initial snow fighting equipment readiness, including the loading of all salt spreading equipment, mounting tire chains and attaching plows etc. Salt Spreaders are deployed when snow begins to fall. Plows are activated when the Department anticipates snow accumulation that exceeds the effectiveness of salt spreaders alone.
  • NYC Street Closures – For street closures related to construction, repair and paving projects, permits are issued for the period of time a street is subject to closure. The street may be closed to traffic for only a portion of this time period and open at other times.
    Park, Film and Brooklyn Bridge Park events are not street closures, but indicate events that may have an impact on the surrounding community.
  • NYC 311 – The 311 Service Request Map lets you see Service Requests made through 311 by location, date and category. Use the controls on top and at the right to explore.
  • NYC Rat Map – The Rat Information Portal (RIP) is a web-based mapping application that lets you view rat inspection data in NYC.
  • NYC Parks Map – A collection of NYC Park services
  • NYC Green Infrastructure – The GI Webmap is the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) application that stores and tracks information on green infrastructure projects as they are implemented throughout New York City. This versatile tool allows the general public and other interested parties to access information on various types and locations of green infrastructure technologies planned or in use across the City. The GI Webmap is a collaboration between the departments of Environmental Protection and Information Technology and Telecommunications.
  • NYC Searchable Property Environmental E-Database (SPEED) – Office of Environmental Remediation’s Searchable Property Environmental E-Database (SPEED) Portal. SPEED enables users to examine environmental and other data on properties in New York City. You can find information about certain sites in City, State, and Federal environmental remediation programs. You can also search for individual vacant tax parcels and view historical information, such as past land uses and historical and topographical maps.
  • NYC Scout – The Street Conditions Observation Unit (SCOUT) is a team of inspectors based in the Mayor’s Office of Operations. Their mission is to drive every City street once per month and report conditions that negatively impact quality of life to 311. SCOUT inspectors send reports of conditions they observe to the 311 system, and 311 assigns the conditions to the relevant agency for appropriate corrective action – the very same way that 311 handles complaints from the public.