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Thanks to this @@flatironschool team, NYC's #opengov & #opendata advocates have a historical timeline! #nycopendata #cfabrigade @betaNYC

Tagged! I'm going to miss @luis_godoy88, my Dept of State #opengov fellow. Thanks for all of your help! #tequiladiplomacy

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One of the difficulties in explaining the Gov 2.0 movement nationally is the seemingly lack of connection to the past. Here in NYC, BetaNYC has developed a tight relationship with “goo-goos” / aka good government groups. A majority of us are connected though the New York City Transparency Working Group where we advocate for openness, transparency, participation, and efficiency.

To demonstrate how all of our actions are connected, BetaNYC commissioned the initial research to be done by US State Department’s Professional Fellows Legislative Process and Governance Program and a timeline tool to be built by NYC’s Flatiron School.

While a bulk of our research has focused on activities in the last 12 years, we encourage the public to add to this research. Through further academic research, we hope to grow NYC’s open government and open data heritage and demonstrate that our modern advocacy is closely alined with a historical fight for a just, efficient, and representative democracy.

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Many thanks to the following individuals.

Initial research was compiled by Luis Godoy, as of US State Department’s Professional Fellows Program. Further research has been compiled by Noel Hidalgo and members of BetaNYC. The timeline tool you see and the API that powers it was built by Uzo Agu, Chris Haack, Katie Hoffman, and Oliver Switzer, instructed by Ashley Williams, from the Flatiron School.

You can learn more about BetaNYC and the constellation of individuals, civic and good government groups at and at NYC Transparency Working Group.