A new tool to look at NYC’s most dangerous intersections

new tool to look at NYC Crash Stats

Akil Harris has created new tool to look at NYC Crash Stats. This online map takes NYPD’s improved crash stat data and gives you easy access to the following views – City Council districts, Community Board zones, Neighborhoods – as defined by the city, Police Precincts, or Zip Codes.

Check it out!

Also, don’t forget to give comments to NYC DOT on street safety issues on their Vision Zero Map.

Note – The data for this mapping tool comes from a decade of advocacy. As New Yorkers who want to see safe, smart, and complete streets for all, we ask that the NYPD improve its crash data quality and help us make safe, smart, and complete streets for all.

Officers, your hard work keeps us safe. Help us by taking the time to fill out those MV-104s and enter them completely. By doing so, you WILL help save the lives of thousands who are injured needlessly.

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