THE_MESSAGE 2014.37a – Recap of Hacknight/#CivicFreeSchool


Thanks for coming to last night’s hacknight and #CivicFreeSchool. It was fun meeting many new faces and experimenting with our community engagement framework. For those of you who missed last night, this is all the news fit to scan!

Here’s a brief recap of things you should note:

* Calls to action / Notes
* Upcoming Events
* Slides
* Projects

** Calls to action / Notes **

+ Last year, we called on to adopt a “We the People” petition site. Yesterday, CM Vacca introduced such a bill. We are super excited to have an opportunity to work with the Council and bring about 21st century tools. Here’s a brief NY Times article about the proposed legislation. More to come shortly.


* We are growing our community leadership team and want you to join us.
* We’ve penned our first diversity and desires report and need you to help us think about the future goals for NYC’s civic technology and design ecosystem

** Upcoming Events **

* Tues, Sep 16 – NYC BigApps Award Ceremony

* Wed, Sep 17 – BetaNYC Hacknight & #CivicFreeSchool
** Peer Class – John Thornton – MTASanitizer, a proxy server for GTFS data
** Peer Class – IBM’s BlueMix, cloud based, Open Source, development and runtime environment.

* Thurs, Sept 28 – GitHub’s Patchwork Night

* Sat, Nov 8 – Save the date for Civic Design Camp!!

** Slides **

* Leaflet Demo Repo
* Into to NYC’s Civic Hacking

** Projects **

* Open Referral
* Budget Buddy – or