THE MESSAGE 2014.51 – NYC’s CTO needs your help & a flashlight on 2015!

Quote from Minerva Tantoco

Wednesday night was historic! For the first time, New York City’s First Chief Technology Officer sat down with NYC’s civic technology community and talked about her past, her dreams, and our future.

Here’s the short story; CTO Tantoco is “punk in pinstripes” civic hacker. She made it clear that the City’s IT policy, technology, data, leadership, and services needs to accessible to all New Yorkers. Her job is to bend competing forces toward serving the greater good.

We are honored to have Minerva Tantoco as New York City’s FIRST Chief Technology Officer.

For those of you who couldn’t attend, don’t fear. The Internet Society of New York recorded the event, and it should be online within a week. Also, there were many great tweets.

In the meantime, CTO Tantoco has two questions for you.

  • What do you want to see from NYC’s CTO and the Mayor’s office of Technology and Innovation?
  • Where do you see civic engagement in 10 years?

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Last night culminated an exciting year of activism and programing. In 2014, we ran 54 events, worked to get two pioneering open government / open data laws passed – Open Law & City Record Online, booted up an impressive volunteer leadership team, and grew 47% in membership!!!

In 2015, we are setting up ourselves to tackle more challenges! Next year, we are going to focus on sustainability and broadening our impact. First, we are going to spread our hacknights across Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Then, we are going to dial in our “Civic Free School” framework, and experiment with workshops and curriculum. On top of that, we are shooting for a monthly BetaTalk thought leaders series!

In 2015, we will face many challenges and work diligently to use the power of technology, data, and design to build civic technology, smart communities, and open government.

If you have a chance to financially support BetaNYC, we need it. Every dollar counts! Don’t forget, with the assistance of Code for America, we are a 501c3! < >

Note, we do have organizational sponsorship packages that help us achieve our mission. Please email and I’ll send you our prospectus.



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