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THE_MESSAGE – 2015.05! Digging out and going to Queens!

Friend’s there are three quick things we want to share with you! + Hacknights in Queens+ CodeAcross NYC 2015 + BetaNYC’s 2015 Diversity and Desires Report -=-=- ++ Hacknights in Queens ++ This week, we kickoff our Queens hacknights with Coalition for Queens! Join us as we add our third borough…

Why Open Data is Still Too Closed – My TEDxNewYork Talk

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iquantny: Through I Quant NY, I’ve worked to tell the hidden data stories about the way New York City runs, and the way we experience it.  But along the way, I’ve learned that as far as our city has come with Open Data, there are some simple steps that would…

THE_MESSAGE – 2015.03! Hacknights, Must see video, and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! “The_Message” is BetaNYC’s newsletter named after Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s rap. Join our meetup and learn how to keep from going under.  Agenda* Hacknights in Manhattan and Queens* Recap of our BetaTalk with NYC’s First Chief Tech Officer* is looking to hire a few…