THE_MESSAGE – 2015.03! Hacknights, Must see video, and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!


“The_Message” is BetaNYC’s newsletter named after Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s rap. Join our meetup and learn how to keep from going under. 

* Hacknights in Manhattan and Queens
* Recap of our BetaTalk with NYC’s First Chief Tech Officer
* is looking to hire a few good civic hackers
* BetaNYC in the News
* How to support BetaNYC in 2015

=+=  2015 Hacknights!  =+=
This is going to be a super exciting year! Last night, we kicked off our Manhattan hacknights at New Work City! It has long been our goal to diversity hacknight locations. 

Today, we announce a partnership with Coalition for Queens, and add Queens to our tri-borough presence! Join us!

Upcoming Hacknights and events:
– 21 Jan, Civic Hacknight in Manhattan
– 28 Jan, Civic Hacknight in Queens
– 4 Feb, Civic Hacknight in Manhattan
– 11 Feb, Civic Hacknight in Manhattan
– 20 Feb, Code Across NYC 2015 (This is a save the date for our weekend long code & edit-athon) 
– 25 Feb, Civic Hacknight in Queens

=+= 2-2-2-2 =+=
Recap of our BetaTalk with NYC’s First Chief Tech Officer

Speaking of an exciting new year, we are honored to have Minerva Tantoco at the City’s first Chief Technology Officer.

Shortly before 2014 closed, we sat down with her at Microsoft Civic. If you haven’t had a chance to hear her amazing story and what her office is looking to do, WATCH THE VIDEO!

=+= 3-3-3-3 =+=
NYC GOV is looking for a few good civic hackers, data scientists, and project managers.

Just as CTO Tantoco mentioned in her video, the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation is looking to hire a number of civic hackers. FOR US TO DO OUR JOB, WE NEED THE BEST CANDIDATES IN THESE POSITIONS! If you want to service you City from within City Hall, apply to these jobs today!!

MOTI Technology Solutions Manager (179141 – Note, there are two openings!!)
– MOTI Product Manager, R & D (179778)
– MOTI Project Manager (180053 – Note, there are two openings!!)
MOTI Director of Strategy (179139)
– MOTI Tech & Innovation Policy Advisor (179144)
MOTI Innovation Advisor (179601)
– MOTI Chief of Staff (179134)

If you are into data science and want to get an inside track on using the City’s data, check own NYC Analytic’s positions. Note, there are FOUR positions open!

MODA Data Analyst (172461)

Additionally, DORIS (Department of Records & Information Services) is looking for two talents techs.

Director for NYC Records Management (180279)
– Senior IT Project Manager (179618)

Note: If these links don’t work, search or the City’s jobs search for the job title or the job code.

=+= 4-4-4-4 =+=
BetaNYC is in the News!!

– Holiday Shopping: A Civic App Wish List for 2015
– Data advocates testify on next steps for 311 and transportation data
More Bus Data, Better Bus Service: Kallos, Hackers Nudge MTA
Councilman, advocates call for improving police data
– Sign-up problems plague start of municipal ID program

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