THE_MESSAGE – 2015.05! Digging out and going to Queens!

Friend’s there are three quick things we want to share with you!

+ Hacknights in Queens
+ CodeAcross NYC 2015 
+ BetaNYC’s 2015 Diversity and Desires Report


++ Hacknights in Queens ++

This week, we kickoff our Queens hacknights with Coalition for Queens! Join us as we add our third borough and spread the civic hacking love! For those of you who haven’t attended a hacknight, you should do two things:
1. check out the hacknight page and leave a comment on what you want problem you want to solve here.
2. join BetaNYC’s Developers group and introduce yourself.

If you can’t join us in Queens, we’ll be back in Manhattan on 4 Feb.


++ CodeAcross NYC 2015 ++

We are finalizing the details for our third annual data day and want you to save the date!

On February 21 and 22, join us as we teach, make, and create tools relating to NYC’s data. Join us for two fun filled days of classes, workshops, unconference sessions, coding, scraping, parsing, and partying.

Day’s Outcomes:
Teach how to use and interpret NYC’s Open Data.
Make new open data by scraping or unlocking static data.
Create tools and prototypes that help us understand the city’s open data.

Save the date RSVP list < >


++ BetaNYC’s 2015 Diversity and Desires Report ++

In follow up to the People Roadmap to a Digital New York City, this community co-authored a diversity and desires report. If you are interested in making tools to help all New Yorkers, you should read this report. In it, we outline key municipal and community demographics, and how BetaNYC seeks to address these challenges.

To build a more connected New York City, BetaNYC is committed to the following 2015 goals:

  • Help the city improve its open data and civic technology practice.
  • Partner with allied organizations to host weekly hacknights across the city.
  • Develop a “Civic Technologist / Hacker” curriculum.

For now, this document lives as a google doc and you are welcome to comment on its passages.