Affirming BetaNYC’s values

I want briefly talk about BetaNYC’s values and affirm our vision of the future.

Frankly, this new Federal administration is walking away from open government principles, facts, and the fundamental principles that make America great. The last 11 days have brought much heartbreak to our staff and volunteer leadership committee. We are painfully watching the new Federal Administration sign Executive Orders, nominate agency heads, and propose programs that are counter our values and to the code of conduct you created. This is unacceptable.

BetaNYC was founded founded in 2009 to provide a safe space for openness and inclusion. We fundamentally believe in empowering people to work together, pursue opportunity and pursue happiness. The American dream is open to all regardless of class, creed, color, orientation, or ability. E pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

BetaNYC wants to reaffirm our solidarity with all of our neighbors. As a community group in one of the most diverse cities in the world, we embrace everyone. Diversity is proven to build smarter, more resilient communities. By accepting diversity, we become stronger.

Now, our work is more important than ever. Our work and events will continue to be a safe space for all. We will focus on building stronger bonds with our neighbors. Will continue to demystify power structures and build curriculum and tools to empower you to improve your communities. Additionally, we will stand with our neighbors and allies to oppose any Executive Order or law that discriminates, separates, or runs counter to our values, mission, and code of conduct.

I am a descendant of travelers who ventured far and wide to arrive here. I am a descendant of slaves and slave owners. My family has served this country in uniform and I have served as a civil servant. I know we are stronger together than apart. I will not stop fighting for opportunity and equality. As a part of my two tours in government, I took an oath to protect this Nation, this State, and this City from all threats foreign and domestic. As the Executive Director of BetaNYC, I continue to hold onto this oath.

Solidarity today. Solidarity tomorrow. Solidarity forever. BetaNYC is committed to protecting and defending all of our neighbors. Pal’ante!

– Noel A. Hidalgo, BetaNYC’s Executive Director