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BetaNYC’s Testimony to New York City Council on Open Data and Int. No. 1137 of 2018

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To: NY City Council – Committee on Technology From: Lindsay Poirier, Ph.D., Lab Manager Re: 2018 Open Data Hearing and Testimony in support of Int. No. 1137-2018 Thursday, 18 October 2018 Chair Koo and members of the New York City Council Technology Committee, My name is Lindsay Poirier, and I…

Introducing Year 5 Civic Innovation Fellows 2018 – 2019

Introduction to the Civic Innovation Fellows Program: The Civic Innovation Fellowship is the first and only comprehensive program dedicated to improving community boards’ use of data and technology while training the next generation of civic leaders from CUNY. Manhattan Borough President Gale A Brewer founded the program in 2014, and…