#BetaTalks on mobility justice, civic tech / open data tools, #bikenyc’ing w/ cameras, & the law

Join us for a #BikeNYC themed civic technology meetup & networking event to discuss a plethora of tools and tactics to keep you informed and safe. We will discuss tools to analyze your ride, how to document your ride, how to best provide government better data on safety / infrastructure, cycling with cameras, & which laws are applicable in NYC vs NY State.


8:42 Lightning Talks – We’ll showcase a number of civic technology and open data tools that safe streets advocates have created.

1:00:11 Cyclist with Cameras Panel – We’ll have a small panel of cyclists who are recording their rides via cameras and/or submitting service requests to NYC 311 or elected officials.

1:27:27 Know your rights! Not all NYS bike laws apply in NYC! This closing presentation & Q&A will be hosted by Steve Vaccaro from the law firm Vaccaro & White. We will end knowing exactly what you can & can’t get tickets for in NYC. Also, we will discuss bystander intervention / cop watching (what you can do to document over or under-policing activities).

EVENT PARTNER Vaccaro & White Law Firm https://www.vaccaroandwhite.com/



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ABOUT BETA NYC BetaNYC is a civic organization dedicated to improving lives in New York through civic design, technology, and data. We envision an informed and empowered public that can leverage civic design, technology, and data to hold government accountable, and improve their economic opportunity. https://beta.nyc/