Statement on the appointment of Jessica Tisch as Commissioner of DoITT

“NYC’s civic technology community congratulates Jessica Tisch on her appointment as DoITT’s Commissioner” said Noel Hidalgo, Executive Director of BetaNYC. “We are excited to see someone who has experience working across agencies take the helm of the beleaguered DoITT. We hope Commissioner Tisch’s experience at NYPD has prepared her to lead NYC’s digital transformation — we need NYC government technology that works for the people in the digital era. The projects are daunting. First, DoITT needs to break from the proprietary and antiquated technology it sanctions for agencies. DoITT needs to ensure that the Government x Design Citywide Design Services contract is finalized so agencies can make policy programs that work for the people. Agencies need flexibility to easily create and deliver effective, efficient, and equitable public services. Second, DoITT needs to amplify successes from NYC Planning Labs & NYC’s Service Design Studio and spread these practices across the city and into DoITT’s own domains. DoITT’s own tools need desperate updates. For example, the City’s default web content management system needs to be modernized and Community Boards are demanding better technology support. Under Tisch’s watch, we look forward to the City finalizing e911 deployment, connecting every agency to 311’s new system, and providing high-speed wifi in EVERY government office. Lastly, Commissioner Tisch needs to ensure that the City’s technology talent is prepared to deal with ongoing transformation and modernization. As the current workforce retires, we look forward to Commissioner Tisch building a modern, agile government technology workforce. We’re looking forward to our first meeting with Commissioner Tisch and look forward to continuing our positive and constructive working relationship.”