Consider RADAR.

Hello fellow citizens. Data and data communication can help address persistent inequities and prejudices.

Data can help you locate a need, back up an argument, initiate dialogue and convene conversations, tailor a policy, or shock the world by confirming inequities to drive change.

They are also crucial to make meaningful, sometimes life and death, choices and decisions. We are watching this play out now daily in the news.

BetaNYC addresses government employees’, non-profit organizations’, and regular citizens’ data and research assistance needs, with our team of CUNY Civic Innovation Fellows. In partnership with you, recent examples include crowd-sourcing and mapping senior hours at supermarkets, helping community boards transition to virtual meetings in the wake of COVID, obtaining eviction data with some of the City’s most impactful tenant advocacy groups, identifying distressed religious facilities with the Manhattan Borough President’s Land Use department, locating under-funded areas with municipal budget teams, analyzing community board demographics, surveying restorative justice organizations, and many more.

Send us your research and data assistance requests here:

Time to process is 2-3 days for initial review. Our service is free. Dedicated fellows and experienced staff ensure the results are high quality.

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