NYC Open Data Week 2023 Recap🗽📊 🧡

In March, we hosted the seventh annual NYC Open Data Week festival with the NYC Open Data Team at the Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI) and Data Through Design. 

Morning keynote remarks at NYC School of Data, led by Noel Hidalgo.

Based upon this year’s survey data, people were especially interested in NYC agencies’ use of data, and we were excited to welcome over 800 new people to the civic tech sphere. 

Throughout the week, we had 2,946 participants tune into 47 virtual events — there were 6 in-person and 5 hybrid events — NYC School of Data, closed the week with 31 sessions. In total, there were 88 events! 

“We support events like [NYC School of Data and NYC Open Data Week] to ensure the opportunity to provide data to actually advance equity in New York City.”

Keesha Gaskins-Nathan, Rockefeller Brother Fund

Every single event put a focus on NYC open data. Thank you to the 199 presenters who discussed topics ranging from water quality, mobility and mapping, to education, Women’s History Month and data ethics. To top it all off, we continued the tradition of holding a virtual breakfast each weekday; we really need to get a coffee and bagel sponsor!!   

Since 2020, we’ve learned that holding virtual events has its perks. Thanks to Joly MacFie and the Internet Society, New York Chapter, we have 66 event recordings published on our website. Enjoy and be sure to share them with your friends and loved ones!

Program Highlights

NYC Open Data Week

Each year, Data Through Design holds a thematic exhibition, featuring works that creatively analyze and illustrate the treasure trove that is NYC Open Data. This year’s theme was Hidden in Plain Sight, which asks us to consider the smaller stories, “invisible hands” and voices that are hidden in the big data narrative.   

Artwork from this year’s Data Through Design exhibition.
A dazzling presentation from the Data Through Design exhibition.

Throughout the week, certified instructors from BetaNYC, the NYC Open Data Team and the NYC Open Data Ambassadors program introduced NYC Open Data in nine Discovering NYC Open Data classes. One of the Ambassadors, Chief Analytics Officer Martha Norrick, even held a class during NYC School of Data!   

“Open Data is a collection of data. But it’s also a collection of incredibly hardworking public servants whose diligence and stewardship make the Open Data program possible.”

Martha Norrick, NYC Chief Analytics Officer 

Fellows from our Civic Innovation Fellowship ventured into Bushwick’s Maria Hernandez Park as part of their Mapping for Equity project. Their work received coverage in the paper and was featured by CUNY on Instagram! Also, the Office of the NYC Comptroller hosted three events on their dashboard Checkbook NYC, which illustrates the City’s spending and makes these metrics accessible to the public.  

BetaNYC’s Jazzy Smith, Dimitri Mimy and the Civic Innovation Fellows being interviewed by a reporter.

NYC School of Data

“Small things really do matter. As we are a small thing in a big, big universe. We are here together to share each other’s company, to share each other’s knowledge and to engage in small acts of kindness.”

Noel Hidalgo, Executive Director at BetaNYC

On March 18, we returned to CUNY School of Law, once again offering services such as free childcare! It was emotional to be back in the same room as our last, large, in-person event before the shutdown. 

NYC School of Data volunteers!

In three short years, our world has changed, and we were determined to create a memorable day for everyone. Thank you to our 52 stellar volunteers who assisted with event production and made everything less of a whirlwind for us all!

The morning kicked off with an opening keynote hosted by Noel Hidalgo, and featured honoree speakers State Senator Kristen Gonzalez, Councilmember Julie Won, Councilmember Jennifer Gutiérrez, Chief Analytics Officer Martha Norrick and Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Keesha Gaskins-Nathan. Be sure to check out their opening remarks and keynotes.     

“I want to create access for everyone to be able to use tech to more fully participate in society, and that technology needs to work for everyone. The digital divide is still very real.”

Councilmember Jennifer Gutiérrez

“We need the internet to be considered a utility and a right everyone should have access to. And so in launching the internet for All Initiative, we were fighting for it to be a public utility. All of you are the people who give me hope.”

State Senator Kristen Gonzalez
NYC School of Data keynote speakers.

PechaKucha lightning talk.

The rest of the day featured a curated collection of sessions! Assemblymember Robert Carroll, State Senator Jessica Ramos, Riders Alliance’s Danny Pearlstein and Reinvent Albany’s Rachael Fauss hosted a panel discussion on recent MTA transparency legislation. Also, BetaNYC’s Dimitri Mimy, Erik Brown and Kyla Browne, along with Retool’s Lizzie Alvarado Ford, NYU’s Jonathan Gao and DatHere’s Joel Natividad held a PechaKucha lightning talk on different ways to leverage Open Data.

THE CITY’s Scott Klein, Suhail Bhat, Sam Rabiyah and Anjali Tsui walked us through various award winning data journalism projects. And VHB’s Andrew Buck, NYC Department of City Planning’s Winnie Shen, NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity’s Sara Shoener, Transportation Alternatives’ Juan Restrepo and NYC Speaks’ Dr. Shango A. Blake did a deep dive into community planning processes and spatial equity.   

We had a fabulous week and hope you’ll consider joining us next year! Thank you to the 199 session organizers. We couldn’t have done this event without you. If you missed any of our recorded sessions, you can enjoy them on the Open Data Week website.

Thank you NYC School of Data Sponsors and Partners

New York City’s Office of Technology and Innovation, Reinvent Albany, THE CITY, ESRI, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and CUNY Law School.

Event Stats for NYC Open Data Week

NOTE: includes all the compiled metrics for NYC School of Data.


# Sessions / Events
# virtual
# in person
# hybrid
58 events
47 online events
6 in-person events*
5 hybrid events

*1 of the in-person events, NYC School of Data, comprised 31 sessions for a total of 58+31 = 88 sessions
# Organizers199
# of unique NYC Open Datasets104 (out of reported 45 events)


# Participants at 47 virtual events2,946
Average # of Participants per virtual event63 participants / event

Ticketholder / Registrant Information

# Registrants or Ticket Holders2516 unique registrants
5033 registrants across all events
Average # of Ticket Holders per event87 Ticket Holders / event
% under age of 259% (118)
% age 25-3441% (527)
% age 35-4424% (314)
% age 45-6421% (267)
% 65 and older5% (67)
Out of 1293 responses.

# Pronouns – She/Her/Hers793 (61%)
# Pronouns – He/Him/His465 (36%)
# Pronouns – They/Them/Theirs36 (3%)
# Pronouns – Other8 (0.6%)
Out of 1302 responses.

# Work in Government753 (51%) (1469 responses total)
% NYC75% (963)
% NYC Metro Area87% (1119)
% U.S.96% (1235)
% NYC Boroughs for NYC Residents63 (7%) Bronx
395 (41%) Brooklyn
271 (28%) Manhattan
197 (20%) Queens
37 (4%) Staten Island
% Non-US Countries4% (50)
All residency metrics (excluding NYC boroughs) are out of 1285 responses. All metrics for NYC residents are out of 963 ticket holder responses.

Event Stats for NYC School of Data

NOTE: NYC School of Data is one of the six in-person events held during NYC Open Data Week.


# Sessions / Events31
# Organizers85
# Volunteers52
# Participants / Attendees346
# Registrants or Ticket Holders423

Ticket Holder / Registrant and Attendee Information

Ticket Holder / RegistrantsAttendees
% under age of 2515% (62)15% (51)
% age 25-3450% (206)52% (174)
% age 35-4423% (96)23% (76)
% age 45-6410% (40)8% (28)
% 65 and older2% (9)2% (7)
Total responses for ticket holders and attendees were 413 and 336 responses respectively.

Ticket Holder / RegistrantsAttendees
# Pronouns – She/Her/Hers187 (46%)156 (47%)
# Pronouns – He/Him/His190 (47%)153 (46%)
# Pronouns – They/Them/Theirs14 (3%)14 (4%)
# Pronouns – Other1 (0.2%)1 (0.3%)
Total responses for ticket holders and attendees were 405 and 331 responses respectively.

Ticket Holder / RegistrantsAttendees
# Work in Government147 (36%) (404 Responses total)125 (38%) (330 responses total)
% NYC84% (342)84% (279)
% NYC Metro Area94% (380)93% (307)
% U.S.99.5% (403)99% (329)
% NYC Boroughs for NYC Residents18 (5%) Bronx
154 (45%) Brooklyn
94 (27%) Manhattan
74 (22%) Queens
2 (0.6%) Staten Island
16 (6%) The Bronx
126 (45%) Brooklyn
70 (25%) Manhattan
66 (24%) Queens
1 (0.4%) Staten Island
# Non-US Countries0.5% (2)2 (0.6%)
For ticket holders, all residency metrics (excluding NYC boroughs) are out of 405 responses. All metrics for NYC residents are out of 342 responses. For attendees, all residency metrics (excluding NYC boroughs) are out of 331 responses. All metrics for NYC residents are out of 279 responses.

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