Introducing the BetaNYC Civic Innovation Fellows Class of Summer 2023!

This summer we are thrilled to be matched with an outstanding group of CUNY students through CUNY Career Launch. Our 2023 Summer cohort of Civic Innovation Fellows are young professionals with innovative ideas and a passion for making a positive impact on New Yorkers’ lives. 

They are continuing the second iteration of the Mapping for Equity on OpenStreetMap (OSM) project and furthering the goal of mapping all public and green space in Brooklyn Community District 1. Our project partners, Council Member Jennifer Gutiérrez and North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (NBPA), continue to support us by refining and providing direction on what data from the Public Realm will be serve their communities best. Thank you again Council District 34 and NBPA! 

Later this month, you’ll have a chance to meet the Fellows and engage with their work! Join us for our summer closing event on Monday, Aug 21st from 12 PM to 2 PM at 2 Kingsland Avenue for an exciting, outdoor field day

Learn more about the event and RSVP by Friday, August 18th at 12pm via

To the 2023 Summer Fellows, welcome to the Public Interest community that values creativity, collaboration, and the courage to challenge convention. Let’s embrace this opportunity to create a future that fosters innovation and puts people at the core of every decision.


Yeni Bautista

Hi! My name is Yeni Bautista and I am an Engineering Science major at Bronx Community College (BCC). As a Civic Innovation Fellow, I am looking forward to learning new ideas and skills, being part of a community, and growing professionally. I am really interested in our urban environment and questions I ask when I look around NYC are: How can we incorporate more green spaces and plant life? How can we dispose our trash in a more eco-friendly way? How are we looking after the urban animals we coexist with? 

Amusingly, I like to drink water, eat, and sleep in my spare time. I know that I’ll perform better if I prioritize my basic needs first. Fun fact about me–I’ve built a wall once! I was in a pre-apprenticeship program for construction and one of our assignments was to make a wall. I didn’t do it alone of course. I worked with my peers, and with great communication, teamwork, and sweat, we got the job done. I feel proud knowing that something I’ve helped build will greatly serve others and last a lifetime.

Kinji Donald

Hello, my name is Kinji Donald. I am currently studying Computer Science at Hunter College. As a Civic Innovation Fellow, I am looking forward to learning more about open data and how it can be used to help the general public. I’m also very excited to continue BetaNYC’s Mapping for Equity project. One thing I’m passionate about is improving people’s lives. Whether it be on a personal level, making someone laugh, or on a larger scale like BetaNYC’s project, as long as I can bring a positive change. One of my favorite things is to hangout with friends. I also love skateboarding and learning skateboard tricks. A fun fact about me is despite enjoying the outdoors, I love being inside. 

Naeema Haque

Hi! My name is Naeema. I’m currently a senior at City College majoring in Environmental Earth Systems Science and minoring in Studio Art. I am excited to work along BetaNYC as a Civic Innovation Fellow for the opportunity to bring positive change to NYC’s government and communities. I’m excited to help utilize open data to improve the public’s access to information, technology and other services. I hope to use my experience as a fellow to learn more about data analysis, geo-mapping, and intersectional justice. I was born and raised in Bushwick, so I hope to give back to the neighborhood that shaped me through this fellowship. A few of my favorite things are fashion, design and the planet! I love creating art, gardening, curating niche collections, and expanding multicultural diversity in my taste and experience. I also love getting to know people but I often hesitate in making the first move due to my propensity to overthink. But I’m always down to hang out and do fun things!

Kyaw Khaung Myo Lwin

Hello, my name is Kyaw Khaung Myo Lwin. I am an upper sophomore at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), majoring in Computer Science. As a Civic Innovation Fellow, I am looking forward to growing my knowledge about the usage of data and how we can collect public data to improve public resources, government, and the lives of New Yorkers. I am passionate about being a part of something that makes a great impact on our society. One of my favorite things is playing basketball with my friends all day then having a dinner hang out after an empty stomach. I also like staying indoors and enjoying leisure activities when it’s raining.