The image shows a railroad track blocked by a barrier with red flags and warning lights, set against a background of blue sky and distant buildings, indicating construction or maintenance.

🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨 We have a real crisis in Albany – URGENT 🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨

FYI – We are updating this post as we get more resources. (Last update, 7 June at 4:55 pm)

For over 20 years, New Yorkers have worked to address sustainable funding for our regional transit system and the heart of our economy. At the end of this month, a thoroughly researched process was to be implemented. As of Wednesday, we are facing a crisis that threatens to derail the MTA’s capital plan while effectively asking working New Yorkers to pay AND forgo funding for Medicaid, disability benefits, childcare and much, much, more.

We don’t say this flippantly, if you care about the future of our regional economy, transportation infrastructure, and environment. You need to call the Governor, your Senator and Assembly Member, and tell them to reject this absurd last-minute plan. 

Contact Governor Kathy Hochul and tell her to implement congestion pricing as planned: 1-518-474-8390

New Yorkers need sustainable funding for our regional transportation system. The Governor is up for reelection in two years, whereas State Senators and Assembly Members are up for election this fall!!

Phone script with tools to call your Senator and Assembly Member, organized by Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Riders Alliance, or Transportation Alternatives.

In-person protest, Sunday at Noon, organized by Riders Alliance.

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