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BetaNYC’s testimony to NY City Council oversight hearing on open data.

Date: Monday, 27 October 2014To: NYC Council – Committee on TechnologyFrom: Noel Hidalgo, Executive Director Re: BetaNYC’s Testimony on Open Data TestimonyBetaNYC Testimony bundle: Good afternoon Chair and City Council members, I’m Noel Hidalgo, and I am the Executive Director of BetaNYC. BetaNYC is a civic technology community group….

Today, we launch — subscribe to NYC #OpenData subjects & locations.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Citygram.NYC, a notification platform that works with New York City’s Open Data. Citygram allows you to subscribe to events in Open Data sets that happen near you. You can choose to receive daily SMS updates, or a weekly email digest.   We are…


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There are two sides to the coin. Anytime you point out something, it could go either way. If you tell the Department of Health that there’s something wrong with the rating system, they could either say, “Wow, let’s look into that” or they could play defensive. Generally, agencies are defensive,…


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Competing visions of the future of the city’s digital engagement with the public came to light Wednesday morning in a hearing on proposed legislation to create a city petition platform similar to the White House’s We The People site. NY City Council pushes Obama petition model, City Hall resists |…

BetaNYC supports #PetitioNYC (Int 0471-2014)

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To: NYC Council – Committee on Technology From: A BetaNYC community Member Re: Online Petitions for NYC Council, aka PetitioNYC 1 October 2014 To the NYC Committee on Technology & Chairperson Vacca, It is an honor to have this opportunity to represent New York City’s civic technology, design, and data…

THE_MESSAGE 2014.39 – This week’s hacknight, #CfASummit, & Best of #CfASummit event!

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This week, BetaNYC is in two places at once! Tomorrow, a new crew of community leaders will take over hosting hacknights & #CivicFreeSchool. As we grow, we’re excited to grow BetaNYC’s leadership team. Join them tomorrow at Dev BootCamp and keep hacking the planet! Also, _THE CODE FOR AMERICA SUMMIT_!! Chris,…

“We The People for NYC” is coming | Participatory Politics Foundation

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“We The People for NYC” is coming | Participatory Politics Foundation NYT reported that NYC Council Member James Vacca will introduce legislation to develop online petitions to NYC city council – in short, a version of the White House’s “We the People” for NYC municipal government.

THE_MESSAGE 2014.37a – Recap of Hacknight/#CivicFreeSchool

Neighbors, Thanks for coming to last night’s hacknight and #CivicFreeSchool. It was fun meeting many new faces and experimenting with our community engagement framework. For those of you who missed last night, this is all the news fit to scan! Here’s a brief recap of things you should note: *…


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Mayor Bill de Blasio named Minerva Tantoco as first New York City CTO Tuesday night in an announcement that was greeted with applause and cheers at the September meeting of the New York Tech Meet-Up. In his remarks, De Blasio said her task would be to develop a coordinated strategy…

THE_MESSAGE, BetaNYC’s experimental newsletter #2014_37

Editor’s note – We’re experimenting with the creation of a monthly or weekly newsletter. Give us feedback on our Facebook group. -=-== THE_MESSAGE for 8 Sept 2014 ==-=- Here’s all the news fit to scan! #. VIDEO – BetaTalk – The future of NY State’s Open Government #. At this…