SLA Mapper (SLAM)

SLA Mapper (SLAM) – is a tool that aggregates data that community boards often have to gather in order to review liquor license applications and sidewalk cafe applications. Displaying this information in a unified view saves community boards considerable time and resources.

Much of the information that community boards review when forming a resolution on a liquor license application or a sidewalk cafe application is siloed in different datasets and portals and has to be aggregated manually. When community boards receive several dozen applications each month, it can be quite a time-consuming task to compile the information. The SLA Mapper aggregates information about active liquor licenses, sidewalk cafe licenses, 311 complaints about bars/restaurants/clubs, and restaurant health inspections in NYC onto a single map. Users can zoom to particular addresses and click on relevant features to collect information that may be needed to review a license application. The tool is rendered through Carto – a Web mapping service. As community boards explore the tool, we hope to gather feedback so that we may continue to improve it.

Product Notes:

  • The map’s 311 data is displaying all complaints made specifically about a bar/club/restaurant since January 1, 2017.
  • The map’s DOHMH restaurant inspection data is currently updated on a weekly basis. It only displays the data with addresses that the Department of City Planning’s GeoSupport service recognized.
  • The map’s liquor license data is only displaying On-premises liquor licenses. Active Liquor License data is only published by the state on a quarterly basis. Users should follow links on the map to the NYS Liquor Authority public query for more information about recently expired or soon to expire licenses.