Community Board Membership Map

The Community Board Membership Map displays Manhattan Community Board appointees’ approximate place of residence. In the App, the exact locations are preserved, color-coded by Race/Ethnicity, with demographic data in the info window for each point; therefore, this app is for internal use only. In the public, embedded map, the points are randomly shifted to protect the privacy of these individuals. The points are color-coded by members’ Appointment Type: Borough President or City Council. Clickable info boxes for each point show limited personal information also to protect privacy. The map is being used to identify community board member “deserts,” so Community Affairs can select new members from underrepresented areas.

Data sources:
– Community Districts shape file
– Manhattan Borough President’s Community Board appointment data

Uses: For Manhattan Borough President’s Office to work toward demographic and geographic representation between boards and their districts.

Impact: Each year these data affect their new appointments.

Level: 4 – Advanced data literacy, APIs and/or coding

Hours Worked: 36

Number of Personnel: 4