Housing Court Filings: Letter to Agency

This request was to send a letter to the Office of Court Administration requesting the release of housing court filings data. While executed evictions is already public data, these only comprise 10% of the eviction filings. Working with the Housing Data Coalition and BetaNYC, Gale Brewer signed and sent a letter to Office of Court Administration, which led to an article in AM New York, and eventually a meeting at Office of Court Administration. Housing Development Corporation has received the data, stripped of personal identifiable information, and is currently proceeding to make the data public.

Data sources: Office of Court Administration

Uses: For tenant advocacy / non-profit organization to target outreach efforts better, conduct deeper research into the eviction phenomenon, and develop policy around unlawful evictions.

Impact: To help stamp out unlawful evictions, keeping people in their homes.

Level: 5 – Extensive coding required

Hours Worked: 12

Number of Personnel: 5