Print Maps

As a part of the Make Manhattan Mine event, an Manhattan Borough President’s Office event focused on how residents can make Manhattan more age-friendly. We created large print maps for each Community District to give residents the opportunity to put suggestions for improvements to the streetscape such as bus stops, benches, and trees. Printed maps provide a more accessible means for community input than an embedded map for older residents.The map is designed in Mapbox with large fonts, and contrast for the high visibility. It includes buildings, streets, parks, and bus stops layers from open data to give a point of reference.

Data sources:
– MTA-Transit
– dataCity Benches
– Bus Shelters
– Mapbox/OpenStreetMap

Uses/Impact: Make Manhattan Mine is a age-friendly initiative by the MBPO to make the borough a better place to grow old. BetaNYC was tasked with creating large paper maps for community input on improvements to the streetscape.

Level: 5 – Extensive coding required

Hours Worked: 14

Number of Personnel: 3