Internet Access Points / Wifi Hotspots Map – is a web map that aggregates public, and private wireless internet access points. Displaying this information allows residents, and people without internet access to find the nearest locations to connect their devices to. As the internet is turning into a fundamental public utility, we are hoping these bridge some gaps in access.

To find more information on how NYC is improving broadband internet’s equity, performance, affordability, and privacy read NYC Connected, a report released in April 2018 by the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer.

Product Notes:

This map includes public and private hotspots. Note not all hotspots can be accessed, as buildings might be closed or access be limited to certain customers. 

Click on the items on the map to get more details on SSID (network names), and limitations.

Private hotspots like Spectrum and Optimum require logins (logins can be waived, as a part of the COVID-19 crisis)

This product is built and hosted on ArcGIS Online’s App Builder.

Email zhi{at} with your comments, issues, or suggestions.