BetaLab is BetaNYC’s digital agency.

Our lab focuses on strategy, events, design, technology, and data wrangling. Our goal is to rethink civic engagement for the 21st century. 

Our offerings include:

Civic Innovation Events – BetaNYC is uniquely positioned to help New York City develop a range of events to facilitate civic innovation. Working with agencies and community based organizations, BetaNYC has a track record of mapping out problems, asking meaningful questions, and hosting events that generate civic innovation. We would love to work with you to organize small scale hackathons, datajams, and community seminars.

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of the City’s Open Data law, we organized and hosted a 300 person civic technology and open data conference. For one day, participants engaged with eight City agencies and learned from NYC’s brightest #civictech and #opendata minds. For more information, check out NYC School of Data Conference website.

Design & Open Technology Coaching – BetaNYC’s is uniquely positioned to leverage its network to coach you into developing open technology projects. We have an infrastructure where you can work with the best talent New York City has to offer. Through research, design, and technology, our coaching will secure your a 21st century foundation. Our offerings include:

  • User research
  • Strategic consulting
  • Process design and optimization
  • Open source software and technology coaching
  • Data-driven narratives
  • Content and communication
  • Project promotion and messaging
  • Training on data and visualization tools

Currently, we are working with Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer to research Manhattan Community Board’s civic engagement best practices. BetaNYC has developed a three month long bootcamp to train CUNY Service Corps students on civic technology, design, and data skills. These students are employed to research Community Board practices and distill this into a report to further engage Community Boards on how to improve quality engagement  with Boards and their offices. For more information, check out the New York City Civic Innovation Fellows page.

Technology Development – BetaNYC has capability to develop 21st century open technology. We are skilled at developing open source programs that improve the civic experience. Over the next five years, BetaNYC will work to develop a fee-for-service technology development department to support the Civic Innovation Fellowship and a team servicing governments across the metro area.

  • Online maps and visualizations
  • Budget visualizations (Budget Breakdown)
  • Open source development
  • Mobile Application and Website development
  • API development
  • De-duplicating and linking data (Dedupe)
  • Data scraping
  • Data analysis and modeling
  • Geospatial analysis and transformation
  • Releasing, preparing and vetting open data