BetaNYC believes in the value of researching and documenting the state of New York City’s Public Interest technology ecosystem. We are always working with various Administration Officials and City Council members to improve the City’s “source code” — we’re talking about the City’s charter, laws, rules, and daily record! 

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Prototyping RADAR for NYC and Beyond

Emily Goldman, Srijana Tamang, and Ishrat Chowdhury. 2020. BetaNYC.


BetaNYC’s Civic Innovation Fellows Community Board Technology Needs Report 2018.

Emily Goldman, Noel Hidalgo, and Lindsay Poirier. 2018. BetaNYC 

Data Design Challenges and Opportunities for NYC Community Boards.

Lindsay Poirier, Noel Hidalgo, and Emily Goldman. 2018. BetaNYC


Civic Innovation Fellowship Y3 Boot Camp Curriculum.

Noel Hidalgo and Emily Goldman. 2016. BetaNYC.

New York City’s Civic Innovation Fellowship Classes of 2015-2017.

Noel Hidalgo and Civic Innovation Fellows. 2016. BetaNYC.


People’s Roadmap to a digital New York City 

In this citizen created roadmap, we outline how to humanize technology, move beyond transparency for transparency’s sake, and ensure we have government technology that works for the people, built with the people.

Primary authors were Noel Hidalgo and Jennifer Baek. They were assisted by Rebecca Williams, Kathrine Russell, Frank Hebbert, Luis Daniel, Daniel Latorre, Nathan Storey, David Osborne, Adam Greenfield, Dana Spiegel , Elizabeth Ghormley, Andrew Hoppin, Alex C-W, Lyle Mills, Mikael Hveem, Andrew Bennie, Arnaud Sahuguet, Andrew Maier.