People’s Roadmap to a Digital New York City

Executive Summary

Welcome to The People’s Roadmap to a Digital New York City. In this document you will find values and recommendations formulated by people of New York, for the people of New York, for the 21st Century. Through our roadmap, we look at technology as a catalyst for empowerment and bridging municipal management inequalities.

Through the People’s Roadmap to a Digital New York City, we want to move beyond transparency. We want a government that asks us about our needs and is responsive to our problems. Written for the people, by the people, this roadmap has traveled to all five boroughs lighting a pathway for New York City to stay the world’s premier digital city.

Technology is not a slice of the pie, but the pan.” – Andrew Rasiej, Chairman of the New York Tech Meetup.

As of the November 2013 election, New York City is at a critical inflection point. A new cast of actors will assume powerful roles across government. This document will help guide this next administration and successive ones into community digital services. We see technology as a catalyst to develop smarter communities, deploy high speed accessible infrastructure, develop lifelong learning education initiatives, programs for employment and economic mobility, and effective and open government.

To accomplish this, we have established four universal digital freedoms:

  • Freedom to Connect.
  • Freedom to Learn.
  • Freedom to Innovate.
  • Freedom to Collaborate.

These four freedoms are the foundation for five core pillars in our roadmap:

  • Accessible Infrastructure
  • Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility
  • Effective and Open Government
  • Smarter Communities

In this roadmap, you will find 34 programs and opportunities that are critical to realizing a 21st century New York City. Cesar Chavez is quoted as saying “the fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.

As the people of New York, we too agree that the fight is not about the bits and bytes. The fight is for the peopleto connect and empower themselves. Together, we can make this city safer, more resilient, efficient, and smarter. We want all New Yorkers to be connected to the 21st century’s opportunities.

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