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BoardTrack – is a community board attendance tracking tool and data standard that helps community board staff submit attendance records to the Manhattan Borough President’s community board liaisons. In turn, liaisons can quickly analyze attendance history.

Currently, this tool is a google sheet populated with full board and committee rosters, and a companion google doc of instructions and customization guidelines. As members’ attendance is vital to the success of full board and committee meetings, the tool aims to simplify and standardize attendance tracking processes for community boards. As we continue to have meetings with boards and district staff, we seek new recommendations for the spreadsheet. We also work with Borough President staff and boards to outline a core set of universal attendance values and turn this into an attendance data standard. Boards will continue to use their own attendance tracking methods, and be encouraged to adopt a universal data standard.

Boardtrack is a product of the Civic Innovation Lab and Fellows Program.

BoardTrack Assets

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  • Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Manhattan Community Board 11 District Manager and staff
  • Manhattan Community Board 3 District Manager and staff
  • Manhattan Community Board 6 District Manager and staff

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